The Perfect Diabetes Diet

So many choices! How do we know what is right?

I received my diagnosis of diabetes on a Friday afternoon. One of the biggest questions I had was “what do I eat?” After all, it was almost dinner time and I had no idea what to do about that.

There are more diets out there today than ever before. How can we figure out which one is correct? Is there really e even a right diet? If so, what is it and how do we find it?

Dealing with diabetes necessitates developing a new relationship with food. For one thing, our body is no longer capable of managing our food intake automatically.

Since we are now driving manually, we u must consider all aspects of when and what we eat. Gone, are the days when we could thoughtlessly grab that donut and only worry about adding an extra pound or two. It took me quite a while to fully appreciate what this all meant.

I realized I did not need to go on a diet in the traditional sense. I needed to find an appropriate way to eat for someone with diabetes. And, that was the key.

I needed to stop thinking of it as a diet. It was a lifestyle change. To be accurate, it is a completely new relationship with food. I needed to change my outlook towards this as much as I needed to address the content of my diet.

I began to look at what I ate, what I put in my body, more like medicine. Not that I do not enjoy my food, but now I must be conscious of the effect it will have on my body. In other words, I must manage my dosage (meal). It is as simple and complex as that.

I figured that carbohydrates were the wildcard. They became the focus of my experimenting. I narrowed my food options to a handful of items. All of them little or no carbs. I worked with this until my blood sugars were somewhat stabilized between 120 and 150. This took me a few months while I also began to figure out how insulin worked into the equation.

Slowly I began to add back in different foods. I figured out what has little or no effect on my readings. What I chose to completely eliminate. And most importantly, how to deal with the things that I just did not want to give up.

I found a way of eating that helps to keep my A1C in my preferred range while giving me the flexibility to enjoy some of the foods that I have always liked. This is the perfect diabetic diet.

Have you found the perfect diet for yourself?

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Randy Wilson, founder of Great Big Gains, is a type I diabetic who is motivated by and focused on helping other people with all types of diabetes to find their best path forward. Using small group and individual coaching as well as writing about his own experiences with diabetes and its complications. All in an effort to help them live their life on their own terms. Find out more about this at or contact him at .

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