Living with Diabetes Is a Lifestyle

Even though we don’t understand exactly what causes it, we recognize that diabetes is a disease. Beyond that, there are contributing factors in some cases, but it is always made clear that diabetes is a disease. Lliving with diabetes is not our choice.

But that is really a simplistic description. Sure, it is an actual disease. It causes some very difficult and inconvenient conditions that must be dealt with. We are constantly reminded that we suffer from this disease. In my humble opinion, this viewpoint is one of the things that often hinders our ability to deal with it appropriately.

I contend that this creates the illusion that, as a disease, there is a therapy, a medication, some sort of treatment that will eventually solve the problem. Like a sore throat or some type of wound. We all know that nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to diabetes.

On the other hand, if we choose to look at diabetes as a lifestyle, it seems to me we stand a better chance of successfully living with diabetes.

Diabetes Is More Than a Disease

If it were simply a disease, we could just continue our normal life while adding the appropriate treatment regimen. For sure this can get us closer to where we want to be. But I do not believe it is sufficient. I cannot simply wake up, take my medication and expect that my day is taken care of. No, I must continually be aware of a myriad of influences and factors along with math and some pretty good guesswork to properly accommodate and anticipate all that goes into a successful day with diabetes.

In other words, I must live a lifestyle that accommodates all this required action and attention.

If I can accept this premise and create a lifestyle that allows me to live as I wish while successfully managing my diabetes then I am on the road to long-term success. If I simply treat my symptoms and do not incorporate all these considerations into my daily routines, I am leaving myself open to a lot more struggle and disappointment.

We are all different and our diabetes affects each of us in our own very individual and personal way. Each of our lives before diabetes were different as well. But, whether we choose to put everything we have into understanding and dealing with this, or we simply live in denial, diabetes is dictating our lifestyle.

I prefer to be the one directing this as opposed to allowing this condition to lead me around by the numbers.


Have you been able to create the lifestyle you want?


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Randy Wilson, founder of Great Big Gains, is a type I diabetic who is motivated by and focused on helping other people with all types of diabetes to find their best path forward. Using small group and individual coaching as well as writing about his own experiences with diabetes and its complications. All in an effort to help them live their life on their own terms. Find out more about this at or contact him at .


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