These resources provided by Great Big Gains are here to provide you with some solid starting points for understanding diabetes and related conditions. There are many other places online that offer exceptional information. You will find the ones that speak most loudly and clearly to you as you research and understand your diabetes. Also, check back from time to time as we will continue to update these resources.

TU diabetes is an online community and an exceptional resource

Beyond Type I is an online community for type I diabetics

Eye Can Do It as a lot of good videos and information on vision loss.

Type 1 day 1, a short film worth watching no matter what type you are.

Healthline – Diabetesmine is a weekly newsletter for diabetics. Healthline also covers many other health related topics.

Nine different videos discussing different aspects of self-care.

Understanding the doctors’ point of view on low-carb.

A great source for Low-Carb information.

An excellent post about the low-carb decision.

DPAC is a political action committee for diabetics.

Information on Regarding Sleep – for people with disabilities

American Diabetes Association

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The National Institute of Health

Celiac resources

American Foundation For the Blind – low vision resources

Drug Watch – recalls and other issues with drugs and devices

Here are a few of the products that I personally have found useful:

My personal favorite place to buy herbs and spices.

Swerve sweetener, lower glycemic, high-fiber and nonchemical.

My favorite snack bars. Lots and lots of choices.

University Of Maryland Medical Center – a very good paper on alpha lipoic acid. I can’t say enough good about this supplement. Read this paper and talk to your doctor.